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Transmission Types

The transmission is the most powerful component in your vehicle, as it transmits power from the engine to the drive axle, controlling the wheels and drive of your vehicle. Although the concept translates to every type of vehicle, types of transmissions can vary significantly.

Manual transmissions used to be the default choice, but as technology has improved
and evolved, the choices available for vehicles are greater than ever. This makes it even more important to find a transmission repair shop that has experience with a wide range of types of transmissions.

Automatic Transmissions

Controlled by sophisticated electronic systems, automatic transmissions are designed to provide trouble-free motoring. While automatic transmissions have become the modern standard, there are many different types–all of which need to be serviced by an experienced technician.

Manual Transmissions

Types of Transmissions from Precision Transmission center provides expert manual transmission repair and installation services in Daytona Beach FL. Manual transmissions are less popular than automatic but have remained the standard for car owners who would like to maintain control over their speed or motor. Clutches can wear over time and should be checked regularly to prevent more serious problems from developing.

Diesel Transmissions

These transmissions are often used in vehicles that require vast amounts of torque. Continual use can place great stress on their internal components. Diligent preventative maintenance, including regular fluid changes can keep them working like new for years.

Heavy Duty Transmissions

Heavy-duty transmissions are popular for trucks that need to tow vehicles, boats, and other heavy loads. Their components are more durable, but they can and will develop problems if they are not properly maintained and serviced by an experienced mechanic.


All Wheel Drive Transmissions

All-wheel drive transmissions send power to each individual wheel as needed. All-wheel-drive transmissions are more complex than transmissions that only control two wheels or even four-wheel-drive systems. They are being used more and more frequently in luxury vehicles.

CVT Transmissions

On a surface level, continuously variable transmissions (CVT) work exactly like automatic transmissions: the car automatically adjusts, and the driver does not use a clutch. That’s where all comparisons stop because the inner works of a CVT are incredibly different.

High-Performance Transmissions

Today’s high-performance vehicles often use sophisticated transmissions like CVT, automated manuals, or dual-clutch setups. Diagnosing these transmissions properly takes training, skilled technicians, and years of experience with high-performance vehicles.

Racing Transmissions

Racing transmissions are built to operate under extreme conditions for hours at a time. Precision Transmissions has extensive experience maintaining and improving racing transmissions, including upgrading components and making adjustments.

Experts in All Types of Transmissions

The technicians at Precision Transmission Center of Daytona Beach have the knowledge and training necessary to work on all types of transmissions, and we take pride in working on every type. Whether you have a fleet of commercial trucks or a new car with a CVT transmission, we’ve got the experience your vehicles need!

We also rebuild transmissions to the highest quality standards, with tools that are state-of-the-art. We are a factory authorized transmission repair and transmission rebuild facility, and maintain close ties with manufacturers to ensure the best possible service for your vehicle!

The techs at Precision Transmission Center of Daytona Beach are ASE certified, and over their careers have rebuilt many thousands of transmissions. We back every transmission rebuild we do with a parts and labor warranty. Our exacting standards on our transmission rebuilds has earned a reputation that is second to none.

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Types of Transmissions in Daytona Beach FL

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