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Transfer Case Repair

Four-wheel drive vehicles have transfer cases; which shifts power to allow both front and rear axles to perform when four-wheel drive is needed. It is vital for your vehicle to have a properly functioning transfer case because if something is wrong with it, it can prevent your vehicle from moving.

Bad Transfer Case Symptoms

  • Problems shifting gears
  • Gears shifting unexpectedly and at random
  • Odd noises when driving at specific speeds or shifting gears
  • In cold weather, experiencing strange noises from the front of your vehicle
  • Fluid leaks

Types of Transfer Case Services

  • Transfer Case Fluid Change: The fluid in your transfer system lubricates gears, chains, bearings, and seals. Similar to your oil, this fluid needs to be checked and changed every time your vehicle reaches a certain number of miles.
    • There is no filter in the transfer case, which means it is easier for the fluid to get contaminated. The dirtier the fluid, the less likely it is doing its job. If the fluid leaks or has not been changed in some time, this can cause damage to the all-wheel drive system, which can cause overall car problems.
  • Transfer Case Repair: Sometimes your transfer case just needs a minor repair. We’ll have you up and running again in no time!
  • Transfer Case Rebuild: If a component in your transfer case fails, you may need a complete rebuild. Rebuilds typically cost less than complete replacements.

Need a Transfer Case Repair or Transfer Case Rebuild?

It is less costly to perform regular maintenance on a transfer case versus having to buy a new one.

At Precision Transmission Center, we’re more than happy to give your vehicle a thorough inspection, checking fluids, damage, and looking for potential wear-and-tear issues. Whether you just need your transfer system repaired, or you need a new one, contact Precision Transmission Center. With over 12 years in operation, we have the tools and knowledge to give you fast and quality service!


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Transfer Case Service in Daytona Beach FL

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