Lexus Clutch Repair

There are several things that can go wrong with a car’s transmission. Parts including gears, gaskets, cables, and sensors tend to fail after being driven many miles due to the nature of intricate mechanical systems. Sometimes misuse or other factors can cause a transmission to fail prematurely. At Precision Transmission Center, our Lexus transmission repair experts can identify which part inside your vehicle’s transmission is causing issues and correct the problem before it damages other components.

Signs of Transmission Issues in a Lexus:

  • Rough Shifting Between Gears
  • Unusual Noises While Shifting
  • Failure to Gain Speed
  • Signs of Leaking Transmission Fluid

Lexus Transmission Repair Service

Lexus makes a variety of high-performance luxury vehicles including cars, SUVs, hybrid vehicles, and crossovers. Though all vehicles should be repaired and serviced by a licensed shop or technician, it’s especially important to come to an expert shop when driving a luxury vehicle like a Lexus. The transmission is a common auto component that most drivers are worried about having problems with. Lexus transmissions require occasional servicing and maintenance by a licensed shop that can diagnose, repair, or rebuild any issue that may occur with the transmission.

Lexus Transmission Rebuild Services

Lexus has made many technological changes over the years so the symptoms and repairs needed vary widely over the models and years. Sometimes the damage is limited to the transmission valve body or solenoids, making the proper repair much less than a rebuild. Other times the damage is more serious or has been allowed to create somewhat of a chain-reaction, damaging other parts along the way. This can happen if broken parts clog or interfere with the pathways and gear systems inside the transmission housing. Whether your transmission needs a repair or rebuild will be determined by an accurate diagnosis. Make sure the repair shop you choose is familiar and experienced in your model of Lexus transmission.

Lexus Transmission Service and Maintenance

Before scheduling a service on your Lexus transmission be sure to check the manufacturer’s recommendation. Many of the later models are sealed units with lifetime synthetic fluid that is not designed to be changed during the normal life cycle of the vehicle. In some cases, servicing or flushing the transmission can cause damage and drivability issues that would not otherwise occur. Always check with a qualified facility before performing any service on your Lexus transmission. At Precision Transmission Center we are constantly training on the newest Lexus transmissions and have the experience to keep your Lexus performing at its best. If you suspect a problem with your Lexus transmission, contact Precision Transmission Center today to schedule your transmission repair service.

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