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Mercedes Benz Transmissions

Mercedes Benz is recognized as one of the premier luxury vehicle lines. Over the decades, Mercedes Benz has produced very reliable, well performing passenger cars and SUVs. Since 2004 Mercedes automatic transmissions have evolved more than all the prior years combined. Overall, these are well built and reliable transmissions, although they do occasionally have problems.

Beginning in the early 2000s some Mercedes Benz vehicles were produced with a 722.6 transmission. This is a 6 speed automatic transmission with 2 internal sensors monitoring all functions that communicates with an external transmission control module. Any changes in clutch function, wear or incorrect gear ratios is communicated to the control module which in turn triggers a fault code recorded in the system. These codes give valuable information which aid in diagnosing possible problems with the transmission.

In years since the 722.6 became widely used Mercedes Benz developed the 722.9 transmission. This is a 7 speed automatic transmission redesigned with notable differences. First, the 722.9 has 3 internal sensors monitoring all functions inside the transmission. Second, the transmission control module is inside the transmission as part of the valve body instead of being a standalone unit outside of the transmission. The change to an internal TCM is significant because the transmission is no longer a separate piece of equipment that can be replaced with a used unit when it fails. The TCM is programmed with the VIN when the car is manufactured and can not be rewritten with another VIN. Now that the TCM is inside the transmission it is replaced along with the entire unit. If a used 722.9 transmission is installed in a vehicle with a different VIN than originally programmed in the TCM the vehicle will not even start because the module is not recognized. The only way to correctly repair a 722.9 transmission requiring an overhaul is to rebuild it with a new valve body and TCM that can be programmed to the vehicle. Of course, this requires a rebuild facility capable of not only rebuilding the mechanical portions of the transmission but programming it as well.

At Precision Transmission Center we have extensive experience with Mercedes Benz transmissions from rebuilding with genuine OE parts to programming. We continually train on the latest Mercedes Benz technology and are equipped to handle all phases of Mercedes Benz transmission repair.

Mercedes Benz Transmission Problems

The most common transmission problems in a Mercedes Benz are: Solenoid failure Excess valve body wear Low fluid levels due to leaks Torque converter failure Mechanical failure Clutch element failure Solenoids are electro-magnetic switches that cause specific functions. Mercedes Benz uses solenoids to control which gear is selected in the transmission and how much pressure is applied during each shift. This allows the transmission operation to adapt to different driving styles and demands. As with most electronic components, these solenoids eventually fail. It is important to have your transmission diagnosed as soon as changes in shifting occurs to prevent internal transmission damage.

The valve body has the ability to manage fluid flow rates that continually adjust for optimal shift quality. Because these valves are constantly in flux the bores that the valve rides in wear and allow fluid to cross-leak in to other areas, which robs valuable apply oil during shifting. This will affect shift quality, feel and timing. The valve body can be replaced without removing the transmission from the vehicle, which avoids a costly overhaul.

Occasionally Mercedes Benz transmissions will develop external transmission leaks. One of the common areas is where the external wiring harness plugs in to the transmission. Inside the transmission the valve body is supported by a conductor plate. This conductor plate has a seal where it connects to the case and allows connection of the harness. When the seal becomes brittle or loose it will allow fluid to leak outside the transmission. It is common for this leak to remain undetected until the fluid level drops to the point shifting changes occur. Permanent internal damage can be avoided if the leak is caught early and a new conductor plate is installed, and the proper fluid level is re-established. If continued driving occurs with this condition internal damage will cause failure requiring a complete rebuild.

Torque converter failure generally will require a complete transmission rebuild. When the clutch lining inside the torque converter detaches it contaminates the transmission fluid and is dispersed throughout the transmission. This contaminated fluid causes solenoids to fail and delicate valves to stick rather than operate smoothly. When the solenoids perform outside normal parameters it can cause clutches to engage and disengage incorrectly which quickly destroys them.

Finally, internal mechanical parts such as clutches, springs, planetary gears, pumps, and bearings can fail or break. When this happens, the transmission must be removed from the vehicle and the appropriate failed part replaced. This can result in a partial or complete rebuild, depending on the location of the broken part and the collateral damage it has caused.

Although occasional repair or rebuild is needed, Mercedes Benz transmissions are very well engineered and are a reliable design that will give years of trouble free use. It is critical to have your transmission checked by a qualified repair shop that specializes in Mercedes Benz at the first sign of a problem. Don’t wait until the signs are too large to ignore. Many catastrophic failures can be avoided with the correct repair done early. Contact Precision Transmission Center today to schedule your evaluation!

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