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Since 2003 the DSG transmission has been used in Volkswagen models commonly found in the US along with traditional manual transmissions and traditional automatic transmissions.

What is a DSG Transmission?

A Direct Shift Gearbox (DSG) replaces the torque converter and multiple clutch elements used in a traditional automatic transmission with a pair of computer controlled clutches. One clutch operates the odd-numbered gears and the second clutch operates the even-numbered gears. The computer disengages one clutch and engages the other clutch to shift gears without using an external clutch pedal. DSG transmissions feel almost exactly like a traditional automatic transmission while driving and are controlled by using a lever or paddle to shift from Park, Neutral and Drive. As soon as the driver shifts into Drive and begins moving the computer controls the shifts using the clutches without effort on the driver’s part. DSG transmissions typically have an S mode and an M mode. When the Sport (S) mode is selected the computer will hold onto gears longer (shift later) to maximize acceleration and horsepower. When the Manual (M) mode is selected the driver uses the lever or paddle to shift into each gear rather than relying on the computer to create the shift.

There are advantages to DSG transmissions over traditional automatic transmissions. DSG transmissions allow the driver to feel more involved in the performance of the vehicle by shifting through the gears without the fear of stalling the vehicle or manually operating a clutch. The computer is able to shift between gears much faster than a driver is able to shift by manually engaging and disengaging a clutch.

DSG transmissions can be more fuel efficient than traditional automatic transmission. There is no torque converter to rob engine power and there can be more gears which allows the engine to operate at lower RPMs at higher speeds. Both of these qualities can improve fuel economy. DSG transmissions can be more costly to diagnose and repair. Not only are there mechanical parts that can fail, the computers involved in controlling engine and transmission performance are interrelated and can cause drivability problems separate from mechanical issues. Transmission failure can be caused by one or both systems.

Porsche and Audi both use their own version of of the DSG. Audi has the S Tronic gearbox, which is mechanically very similar to the VW DSG.

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At Precision Transmission Center of Daytona Beach worn and damaged parts are replaced with brand new German VW OEM components that are guaranteed to last and keep your vehicle genuine. We will get your vehicle back on the road with a new life expectancy equal to or greater than the original OEM specifications. Don’t trust your high quality Volkswagen automobile to shops that can ruin it with incorrect diagnoses and inferior craftsmanship. The first step to a high quality repair is the correct diagnosis so call Precision Transmission Center of Daytona Beach to schedule your Volkswagen transmission repair service. From there we will provide an accurate repair plan and estimate. No surprises, just good service and excellent work!

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