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Most Honda automatic transmissions follow the company’s Hondamatic design. There are some exceptions in different years and models. The significant difference in the Hondamatic design is the absence of planetary gearsets. Instead, these transmissions are built like manual transmissions with a hydraulic clutch pack for each gear. Due to this unique design, a Honda transmission requires unique skills and tools. If you need your transmission rebuilt it is critical to have it done by a qualified rebuilder.

Most dealerships do not have rebuilders on-site and are limited to the replacement of the transmission with a complete factory unit. This affects the ability of the technician to identify the full range of problems that may be present because they are not familiar with the internal workings of the transmission.

At Precision Transmission Center, our technicians are Honda factory-trained and continuously train on the latest Honda technology. We rebuild your Honda transmission on-site with OE components and the latest upgrades to keep your transmission running longer than new.

Factors that can Lead to a Transmission Rebuild

Manual Transmissions

Honda’s manual transmissions have a unique synchronizer assembly, unlike other manufacturers. The most common causes of failure in a Honda manual transmissions are the internal bearings and synchronizer assembly wear. A basic Honda manual transmission rebuild consists of new bearings, seals, gaskets, and synchronizer assemblies. It is important to choose a transmission repair facility familiar with Honda manual transmissions when you start to have problems. A qualified Honda repair facility will be able to diagnose clutch hydraulic, disc, pressure plate, pilot bearing, and release bearing failure in addition to transmission failure. Technicians less familiar with these systems may not accurately diagnose the failure leading to additional repairs and cost.

Automatic Transmissions

The most common cause of failure in a Honda automatic transmission is the torque converter. When the torque converter fails the transfer of power from the engine to the transmission is prevented from occurring. As the damage inside the torque converter increases the clutch lining inside the torque converter breaks down and circulates throughout the transmission. The metal contamination clogs the transmission filter which starves the pump of fluid. In addition, the increased metal content damages the friction material on the clutches leading to more slipping and loss of gears. The gear indicator may flash and the check engine light may come on to notify the driver of a problem and the transmission control module may record a gear ratio fault. If not corrected, the transmission will stop moving altogether and the cost of your rebuild will go up due to additional part failure. Electronic devices are prone to failure in these transmissions and can cause multiple hydraulic clutch failures inside the automatic transmission. For this reason, it is imperative these devices be replaced. Due to the high cost of electronics many times shops do not replace them in the course of a transmission rebuild. This alone will lead to early failure and short term repeat failures.

Experts in Honda Transmission Repair

At Precision Transmission Center we include many upgrades in our automatic Honda transmission rebuild. We upgrade the torque converter bypass regulation system and transmission cooling system to help the unit survive in extreme conditions. This involves complete disassembly of the transmission, updating the internal pump, valve body, and other vulnerable areas inside the transmission. We eliminate the factory heat exchanger, which is inadequate, and install a new external cooling system. In recent years Honda has added Continuously Variable Transmissions (CVTs) in hybrid models and Dual Clutch Transmissions (DCTs) to increase performance and fuel economy. At Precision Transmission Center, we have completed extensive training on these new transmission types and are able to accurately diagnose the unique issues they present before completing a quality repair. Avoid the additional time, cost, and frustration of incorrect or inadequate repairs by choosing Precision Transmission Center for your Honda transmission needs. Contact Precision Transmission Center today to schedule your appointment!


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